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Ian grew up in Empire, Ohio. He attended the Edison Local School District. Ian graduated from The Trinity Health System School of Nursing in 2008 and was the class president.  In 2013, Ian completed his BSN from Ohio University graduating Cum Laude. Since graduating from Trinity School of Nursing, Ian has worked in a variety of care specialties and locations as he was a traveling nurse. Areas of work include orthopedics, pre/post surgery, holding room, PACU, ICU, pre/post heart transplant, LVAD care, TAVR care,  rehab, telemetry, trauma, plastic surgery and long term care with specialty in Alzheimers and related dementias. He has held several management positions from charge nurse, nursing supervisor, assistant director of nursing, and director of nursing. Some of Ian's locations as a travel nurse have included Connecticut, Texas, Montana, and Nevada.  The largest facility was Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. The smallest was a critical access hospital in Northwest Montana in the town of Libby. Having a passion for excellent care and the desire to push healthcare in a more patient centered direction, Ian and Rhonda decided to fund and open T&T Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC in April of 2018. Ian is also adjunct nursing faculty at Belmont College and is a MSN FNP graduate student at The University of Phoenix. Ian loves cars, music, and dogs. He and his wife Rhonda reside in Steubenville, Ohio with their four dogs: Roxie, Leo, Daisy, and Lady (bug). Ian and family love to travel and see our great country in their R.V.

Rhonda D. Tice, BSN, RN, LNC, President


Rhonda was raised on Sunset Drive in Toronto, Ohio. She attended The Jefferson County Christian School where she graduated in 2008. Rhonda graduated from The Trinity Health System School of Nursing in 2011 and loves her Alma Mater. She then completed her bachelors degree in nursing from Ohio University in 2017. As a nurse, Rhonda has specialized in two primary areas.  Rhonda has worked and trained extensively in Cardiac Care, Telemetry, and Cardiac Step-down units. She is also very familiar with pulmonary issues as the heart and lungs are closely related. While in this specialty, Rhonda traveled with her husband as a traveling nurse with American Mobile Nursing, one of the largest travel nurse companies in The United States. Her and Ian often times worked side by side on their assignments. Her next specialty is high risk labor and delivery where she trained extensively at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. Rhonda has also spent some time as an assistant director of nursing and a director of nursing. As well as being the President for T&T, Rhonda will embark on assignments in Labor and Delivery to keep her skills sharp and up-to-date.  Rhonda attends The University of Phoenix for her MSN FNP to eventually expand her role in woman’s health and obstetrics. Rhonda is adjunct faculty at Belmont College in their nursing programs. Rhonda loves reading, gardening, animals, and theater. She and her husband, Ian reside in Steubenville, Ohio with their four dogs: Roxie, Leo, Daisy, and Lady (Bug). Rhonda is a food lover and during her travels loves to try the local cuisine,  wherever she may be.

How T&T Came To Be


 Ian and Rhonda, both great nurses, with similar and different career paths had one major thing in common, among others. A no excuse attitude to poor patient care and bad patient outcomes drove them to be the best in their field. Rhonda has always had a passion for Law in general while Ian, he can go wherever the wind takes him. However, this was a point that they also felt very passionate about. Ian, being in nursing management, has always had the drive to make better nurses through improving the environment in which nurses work, and freeing up nurses time so that nurses could do what they do best...CARE for people! Part of that passion is also making sure that nurses take credit for what they do. Remember, if it isn’t documented, then it isn’t done. They both had recently left jobs in August of 2017, and attend the Trinity Health System School of Nursing Alumni Gala with keynote speaker, Judge Michele Miller, a former RN and Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing alumnus herself. After hearing her talk, the Tices’ knew they had to find a way to intertwine Nursing and Law.  Rhonda thought that they would enroll in law school. One day, Rhonda came home from work and Ian had found, through hours of research, if you know him that’s not a lie, the Certified Legal Nursing Consultant Certification through the Vickie Milazzo Institute. The rest as they say, is history. After several months of building the business from the ground up, the Tices’ were ready to go as an LLC titled T&T  Legal Nurse Consultants. That my friends, is how it happened! Trust me, if you know Ian and Rhonda, there is nothing but hard work and perseverance in building their business. They truly have “The nursing experience you need; the results you want.” 




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